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Posted in Case Results on December 7th, 2016

Case No: 15XXXXXXCF10A

Facts:  The defendant was riding his bicycle in a neighborhood minding his own business.  An undercover detective began to trail him thinking that he was suspicious.  The detective never observed any criminal activity but continued to follow the defendant, even requesting additional units.  The defendant went behind a convenience store with another male who was a known drug dealer.  The detective pulled up next to the defendant and turned on his lights to do an investigatory stop.  Ultimately, the detective found cocaine on the defendant and arrested him charging him with possession.

Outcome:  The defendant was represented by another lawyer for a year and nothing was done on the case.  Mr. Sobel was retained and immediately set depositions.  Based upon the deposition, Mr. Sobel filed a Motion to Suppress.  Prior to the hearing on the Motion to Suppress, the state conceded to the motion and dismissed the case.