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Conspiracy Defense Attorney


Conspiracy is an agreement between two or more individuals to commit a crime. Florida Statute 777.04 defines as “a person who agrees, conspires, combines or confederates with another person or persons to commit any offense commits the offense of criminal conspiracy.”

In order for a criminal defendant to be charged with conspiracy, it is essential that there are at least two guilty minds that intend to conspire and achieve the criminal objective at issue. Therefore, if a criminal defendant conspires with an undercover police officer in order to achieve a criminal objective, there is not a conspiracy chargeable under law. Similarly, if a defendant and another person conspire towards a criminal objective or enterprise but the other party is feigning interest with intent to notify law enforcement or otherwise prevent the criminal objective, there is no conspiracy.

Conspiracy is governed in both the state and federal courts and it is a separate crime form the actual criminal act for which it was developing. This means that a person can be charged with both conspiracy as well as the crime itself; for example, one can be charged with conspiracy to commit murder and they can be simultaneously charged with murder. Conspiracy crimes can involve a wide range of criminal activity including conspiracy to traffic in illegal drug, conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit money laundering and more. It is important to note that a crime does not have to be committed to be charged with conspiracy.

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