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Posted in Case Results on October 19th, 2017

Case No: 15-XXXXXXCF10A

Facts:  The defendant owed a considerable amount of money to an individual.  That person sent a “collector” to get the money from the defendant.  When the collector showed up at the defendant’s house unannounced, the defendant invited him in so that he could buy time as he did not have the money.  After a period of time, and repeated requests for the money, the defendant finally told the collector that he did not have the money.  Immediately upon hearing that he was not going to be able to get the money, the collector it the defendant in the head with an unknown object.  The defendant fearing that he was going to get hurt or killed fought back.  During the course of the fight, it was alleged that the defendant hit the collector in the head with an axe.  The defendant was charged with attempted murder.

Outcome:  Mr. Sobel launched a relentless investigation into the case.  Depositions, forensic investigators and  experts were consulted.  After the discovery was complete, a “Stand Your Ground” motion was filed.  Hours before the hearing was to begin, the Office of the State Attorney dismissed the case.