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Domestic Violence Battery

Posted in Case Results on November 20th, 2013

Case No: 13-XXXXXXMM10A

Facts: The police received information from an anonymous caller that a man was hitting a woman. The officer alleged that when he arrived on scene he observed the defendant straddling the alleged victim and holding her hands down preventing her from freeing herself. The officer further alleged that he yelled for the defendant to stop what he was doing but that the defendant ignored his orders and continue to hold the alleged victim down on the ground against her will. In addition to the Domestic Violence Battery charges that the defendant was arrested for, a new prosecutor on the case indicated that they were going to be filing new charges against the defendant to include Resisting Arrest Without Violence.

Case Outcome: Mr. Sobel was able to make sure that no new charges were going to be filed. Prior to trial, the Office of the State Attorney dismissed all the charges. The defendant now has an opportunity to expunge his record and protect his future from the false charges.