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Domestic Violence Battery

Posted in Case Results on December 11th, 2014

Case No 14-XXXXXXMM10A

Facts: The defendant was accused of getting into a verbal altercation with his wife. The wife alleged that the altercation got physical and that the defendant slammed a door in her hand causing her to bleed and need medical attention.

The defendant was arrested and taken to jail. At first appearance court, the court was informed that the defendant was already out of custody on bond in another unrelated case. The court revoke the defendant’s prior bond and hold him in custody. The court was then informed that Mr. Sobel represented the defendant in the old case. The judge called Mr. Sobel and asked him to come to court. Mr. Sobel was in the courtroom within 5 minutes of the phone call.

The judge allowed Mr. Sobel to readdress the issue of bond. After hearing argument from Mr. Sobel, the court rescinded the prior order revoking bond and issued a bond for the defendant. The defendant was then released.

Mr. Sobel then presented argument to the Office of the State Attorney regarding the facts of the domestic violence case. Ultimately, the Office of the State Attorney dropped the case and never filed a formal charging document.