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Posted in Case Results on February 11th, 2013


Florida Highway Patrol Trooper XXXXXXX was dispatched in reference to a traffic accident. After speaking to several witnesses, the trooper determined that the defendant was the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident. The trooper made contact with the defendant who was being treated for minor injuries by Fire-Rescue. While questioning the defendant, the trooper made physical observations that led him to suspect that the defendant was under the influence. The trooper then requested the defendant to perform field sobriety exercises, to which the defendant refused and was subsequently arrested. Post arrest, the trooper requested Fire-Rescue personnel take a blood sample from the defendant. The blood test revealed that the defendant was under the influence.

Charges: The defendant was charged with DUI.

Outcome: Mr. Sobel wrote and filed a motion to suppress the blood results in this case. After reviewing the motion and the binding case law, the state conceded to the motion and the blood results were suppressed.