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Possession of Oxycodone, Cannabis and Drug Paraphernalia

Posted in Case Results on January 21st, 2014

Case No: 13XXXXXXCF10A and 13-XXXXXXMM10A

Facts: A search warrant was executed by the Broward Sheriff’s Office at the defendant’s mothers residence while he was visiting the home. At the time of the search the defendant was at the residence with his girlfriend. They were located in the spare bedroom which is also used a “man cave” for the defendant’s step father.

It is alleged that oxycodone tablets “Percocet” were located in a dresser in the room that was previously occupied by the defendant along with a pill bottle with the defendant’s name on it containing marijuana. The police further alleged that the defendant admitted ownership of the drugs.

Outcome: Mr. Sobel attacked the case at the case filing stage. Mr. Sobel was able to show that the defendant did not reside at the home even though the police said that he did. Further, Mr. Sobel was able to show who the lawful owner of the pills were.

The office of the State Attorney declined to file formal charges on the felony drug possession but filed criminal information for the possession of cannabis. Through a tireless investigation and discovery process, Mr. Sobel was able to show the state that they were never going to be able to link the defendant to the cannabis even though he admitted to ownership. Ultimately, the Office of the State Attorney dismissed the charges.