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Sealing And Expunging Your Florida Record

Posted in Blog on February 22nd, 2013

One brush with the criminal justice system can have a devastating effect on your
future. It can prevent you from obtaining a job, a promotion, a license,
housing, and many other opportunities. Perhaps the charges against you were
dropped, adjudication was withheld, or you were found not guilty. Nonetheless,
you may be surprised to learn that the arrest still appears in criminal
background searches.

In today’s world of modern technology, any person with a computer can go to the website for the clerk of court or sheriff's office where the arrest occurred. From those websites, anyone can simply type in your name to read embarrassing details of your arrest, see your mug shot, and the resolution of your case.

There are many people who have been arrested by the police but never formally charged by the prosecutor’s office.  There are others who have been formally charged and either won their case at trial or else entered into a plea bargain with the prosecutor’s office.  Depending upon how a case is concluded, an individual may be eligible to have her case sealed or expunged.

Starting the process to seal or expunge your Florida criminal arrest record is more important than ever now that many law enforcement agencies are making it even easier for the general public to perform on-line searches for old arrest records.

In order to protect your career and good name, it is critical that you begin the process in Florida to seal or expunge a criminal record.