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Arrest Warrant

Do not just wait to be arrested on the warrant.  If you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest it is important to contact an experienced Fort Lauderdale arrest warrant defense attorney immediately.  David J. Sobel P.A. will be able to find out if you have an outstanding warrant and explain to you what you need to do right now to protect yourself.  David J. Sobel P.A. believes in taking an aggressive proactive approach in handling outstanding warrants.

Types of Warrants

  1. Direct file arrest warrant with probable cause.
  2. Arrest warrant taken out by an officer that investigated the charge alleging probable cause.
  3. Bench warrant for failure to appear in court or pay a fine (also known as a capias).
  4. Violation of probation warrant.

Hiring a Ft Lauderdale arrest warrant lawyer to assist you early in the case may ultimately save you from going to jail, money, stress and embarrassment. Call 954-383-3000 to speak directly with David J. Sobel about the specifics facts of your case.

Ways to Resolve the Outstanding Warrant

If you have an outstanding arrest warrant, the worst thing you can do it avoid dealing with the warrant.  If you have an outstanding warrant, a police officer could discover the warrant during a routine traffic stop.  The police may come to your home or work to arrest you on the warrant.

The best thing you can do if you have an outstanding warrant, is hire an experienced Fort Lauderdale arrest warrant defense attorney to resolve the outstanding arrest warrant.  An experienced Fort Lauderdale arrest warrant defense attorney may be able to help you resolve the warrant without going into custody at all.

If the warrant was issued for a failure to appear or a violation of probation (VOP warrant), then find out whether a Ft Lauderdale arrest warrant attorney can simply file a “motion to surrender” so that your attorney can request that the judge lower the bond or withdraw the capias.

If an arrest is imminent, it is important to consult with an experienced Ft Lauderdale arrest warrant defense lawyer.  Often, David J. Sobel can negotiate a surrender with law enforcement.  This is preferable so that the person with the warrant is not arrested on the street.  In negotiating a surrender, an agreement can already be in place with a bondsman to help expedite the bond process and cut down on the time the person were to spend in jail.  Additionally, when you are able to negotiate a surrender, David J. Sobel personally goes with you to the police department to facilitate the surrender and help you invoke your rights.

Arrest Warrant Links

Florida Law Enforcement Links for Arrest Warrants

Florida Arrest Warrant: Search the Florida Criminal Information Center Public Access System for wanted individuals throughout all counties in Florida. The FCIC is maintained by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The FCIC PAS website contains records from Florida law enforcement agencies that have been selected for public access by those agencies. No all active warrants will show up because they have not been entered into the FCIC database yet, or because the agency has not selected the arrest warrant for public access.

Florida Department of Corrections: Florida Department of Corrections list of most wanted absonders with outstanding arrest warrants.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement