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Doctor Shopping

David J. Sobel P.A. is experienced in fighting drug charges including trafficking in prescription medication and doctor shopping. Call a David J. Sobel today at 954-383-3000 for any case involving “withholding information from a practitioner” or “doctor shopping”. When you call you will be able to speak directly with David J. Sobel, an experienced Ft Lauderdale doctor shopping defense lawyer about the particular facts and circumstances of your case.

As pain management medical clinics pop up throughout the State of Florida, more and more individuals are receiving addictive medication without receiving any treatment for their underlying medical condition. Even worse, law enforcement officers are investigating innocent patients for simply receiving treatment legally prescribed by a licensed medical professional.

Typical investigations of “Doctor Shopping” cases involve an individual that visits several doctors in order to obtain multiple prescriptions for painkillers within a short period of time. The doctor shopping occurs when the individual sees a doctor for the purpose of obtaining pain pills and does not disclose to one doctor that he or she already has multiple other prescriptions filled from another doctor.

In many cases the charge of “doctor shopping” also accompanies a more serious charge of trafficking prescription drugs based on the possession of the prescription medication. Even worse, individuals have even been charged with trafficking even in cases where the only proof that the individual possessed the trafficking amount of pills can be shown through circumstantial evidence that the individual filled the prescription.

If you have been charged with prescription drug trafficking or “Doctor Shopping,” contact Fort Lauderdale doctor shopping attorney David J. Sobel, at 954-383-3000 to discuss the facts of your case today.