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Early Termination of Probation

When Should I File a Motion to Early Terminate My Probation?

As soon as all special conditions of probation or community control have been completed and half the term is done a person on probation should immediately file a motion with the court to terminate your probation or community control. A Fort Lauderdale termination of probation attorney from the Law Office of David J Sobel can help.

What are the Benefits to Early Termination of Probation?

There are many benefits from having you’re your probation terminated early such as:

  • Remove the probationer from any future sanctions which can include prison.
  • Stop the outflow of money and expenses associated with probation.
  • Remove all restrictions on movement and travel.
  • Remove barriers to employment.

What are Special Conditions of Probation?

Special conditions of probation are exactly what they sound like.  They are additional conditions or tasks that you are ordered to complete as part of the standard probation.  These conditions were ordered by the judge at the sentencing hearing. Often times, special conditions include: the payment of restitution, successful completion of counseling or classes, and completion of community service hours.

What if I Want to Modify a Special Condition of Probation?

In certain cases, even if you are not at the half way point of your term of probation, you can still request a modification of probation. You may want to modify your probation to eliminate a “no contact” provision, to allow travel for work or pleasure or eliminate a provision that prevents you from leaving the county or state.

If you are on probation or community control and would like to find out about the possibility of having your probation or community control early terminated, contact David J. Sobel, Ft Lauderdale termination of probation lawyer, directly at 954-383-3000 to discuss the facts of your case today.